Executive Committee

The Delta County Economic Development Alliance (DCEDA) Executive Committee meets on an as needed basis to make recommendations to the full Board of Directors.  The Executive Committee includes four officers, representatives from the Cities of Escanaba and Gladstone, Delta County, the Delta County Chamber of Commerce Director, and a representative from MichiganWORKS!

As part of the 2012-2015 Strategic Plannning Process the DCEDA will determine additional sub committees that meet our strategic goals and objectives.

Delta County Technology Planning Team

The Delta County Technology Planning Team (DCTPT)has partnered with Connect Michigan by enrolling in the Connected community certification program, an initiative that offers a comprehensive way to bridge the digital divide impacting many communities, including Delta County.

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For more information on the Delta County Technology Planning Team please contact the Delta County Economic Development Alliance at 906-786-2192 or at

Press Release 01/07/2013:
Delta County Technology Planning Team
Ends the Year with a High Note
As part of the Connect MI partnership, Lexmark has donated personal printers to non-profits in Michigan and asked our local Delta County Technology Planning Team (DCTPT) to distribute them to not for profit organizations in need throughout Delta County.
During the week of December 21st, four Delta County non-profits received a Lexmark wireless printer.  Vicki Schwab, Delta County EDA Director and Suani Nieto EDA Assistant visited four nonprofit organizations to deliver the printers.  Both were well received by The Historical Society, St. Vincent De Paul, United Way, and the Delta County Animal Shelter.
“It is especially rewarding to be a part of an initiative that helps organizations in need,” explained Vicki Schwab.  “Our team of volunteers are working hard to continue with this great work.  We are making progress in formulating our broadband assessment and plan,” she concluded.

The Delta County Technology Planning Team (DCTPT) had their year-end meeting Dec. 4th, 2012.  The meeting’s agenda included discussion of the assessment worksheets completed by the team.  The information provided in the worksheets has been included in the Connect Michigan portal in an effort to analyze the current technology resources.  The report from the portal showed Delta County to have 11,593 public hours of computer centers per week.  The centers in the report included: the Escanaba Public Library, Civic Center, Michigan Works!, Bay College, Gladstone Library, and Hannahville Youth Services.

The DCTPT continues to add information to the portal to complete the community assessment.  The team will continue their efforts to include information from the public schools, hospitals, senior centers, and agricultural community.   The Next Meeting will be February 5th, 2013 in the Delta County Commerce Center in Escanaba, Michigan.

Through this initiative, Connect Michigan collaborates with the Michigan Public Service Commission and the DCTPT to develop and implement effective strategies to enhance technology access, adoption, and use in Michigan.  The Delta County EDA headed an initiative to create the technology planning team.  The team is comprised of representatives from public and private entities.

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