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The Delta County Economic Development Alliance (DCEDA) publishes a Service Summary that correlates directly to our goals, core services, and responsibiliities outlined in the Strategic Plan of Work.  Highlights from 2013:

Vision Statement: Delta County will have a vibrant and diversified economy offering opportunities for a desirable way of life.

Mission Statement: Delta County Economic Development Alliance provides leadership to strengthen, support, and attract businesses, developing a prosperous community.

Function: To lead the promotion of economic development of Delta County through the attraction, retention, and expansion of business and industry.

- In 2013 the EDA provided assistance to 150 unique clients with Economic Development Assistance including:
      - 34 start-ups
      - 83 existing businesses
      - 209 retention visits
      - 7 site visits

- With our strong and diversified manufacturing base, this year Delta County lead the rest of the UP in exports with participation in the MEDC Step program. 9 companies participated including: Brute Industries, Creative Composites, Delta Manufacturing, EMP, Hurley Marine, Marble Arms, Pisces, Race-Driven, and VanAire. 

-Workforce Development
The Delta County EDA is grateful for strong and collaborative partnership with Michigan Works.


 013 Workforce Development compared to 2012
  2013 2012
Jobs Posted 999 517
Jobs Placed 857 479
Wage Impact - Placed $16,655,006.56 $9,308,924.32


- Governor Snyder signed the Next MI Development Corporation amendment to Public Act 275 to include a sixth Next Michigan Development Corporation in Delta and Marquette counties. As an economic development corporation, the two counties will be eligible for incentives to encourage investment, job creation, job retention, and related economic growth.